I am an Australian born, dual passport owning expatriate, who has lived through 6 postings over ten years.

Brothers and Sister
Brothers and Sister

I have three beautiful children – 2 boarding in Australia and one who is residing in Sydney playing footy and attending university. I have one extraordinary rescue dog, that has lived in almost as many countries as we have and I am married to a supportive husband who has given me the opportunity to raise our three children in this very unconventional way.

In my past life I was an Adult Educator, and now I am a trailing spouse who can now add travel vlogger to her resume.

Our past ten years!

We started this journey in Taipei, Taiwan in 2007, which led us to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is where the children call home (well at least one of their homes anyway). We left Hong Kong after almost three years and headed to Seoul and then Tokyo, for a one year stint each.
After the two years, we headed back to Hong Kong where one of my sons moved to Australia to attend boarding school. During this time my husband moved to Malaysia, and we soon followed. So after three years in Hong Kong, we said goodbye to both Discovery Bay and our daughter who also started boarding school in Sydney.
We have now been in Malaysia for three years and our youngest left for boarding school at the beginning of this year.

Living in Malaysia

There are many pros and cons to living abroad, and this is something that hits home especially here in Malaysia, and below are some that resonate with me.

1. I love that it is warm all year round, Malaysia may have its raining season, but the tropical weather continues, and the storms don’t last all day.

2. I love that we are so close to so many great holiday destinations in and around this country. It really ticks the box for variety.

3. The affordability is something I am sure every expat loves about their place of residence. The fact that you can eat out or go to the movies with the family in toe without breaking the bank is always a win in my eyes.

With the pros there are always cons and here are a few things that I must mention.
• The Traffic is a struggle at times, especially on a Friday and when the thunderstorms hit. Sometimes it will take me ten minutes to drive into the city, and sometimes it will take over an hour.
• With the traffic comes the drivers, at times it is hazardous as people do not often use indicators before veering into your lane. I usually see at least one accident everytime I travel from A to B.
• Customer service is pretty bad here, compared to other places I have lived. Often they are too preoccupied with their mobile phones or chatting with each other to notice you need help. I especially love the assistance that finishes texting or watching a video clip on their phones before looking up to serve you at the counter!!

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur


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