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Hello, (Hola,) My name is Hugh, I am 68 years old and have spent a great part of my life traveling the world. I spent 14 years in the United States Army which gave me the opportunity to visit and live in many countries. I have worked most of my life in logistics and fleet management. I retired in October of 2011. My wife, Elizabeth is from El Salvador, we retired and moved here in November of 2011. We built our home and live near Cara Sucia. I came for my first visit to El Salvador in March of 2004 and fell in love with the country right away. Elizabeth and I would visit the country 2-3 times a year and I would always feel peaceful, calm and revitalized from the visit. I love what the country has to offer, the wonderful people, the beaches, the mountains, the beautiful sites and the history to name a few. I retired in October and we relocated here in El Salvador in November of 2011 to start our new life. I think that this is a beautiful country and a wonderful people with a lot of potential and opportunity that is overlooked by many people. Our Blog discusses the life, sites, issues and opportunity in El Salvador as we see them. I hope you will join us on the journey of our life in El Salvador.





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I am a Filipino living in Italy. I was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to Sicily (Italy) after getting married in Manila. This is my life.
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