Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany

Germany is one of the best destinations and best places to live in the world. Berlin is the capital and the visited cities in the world, but Germany has many other beautiful cities like Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Leipzig, and Dresden.

Germany offers a combination of old and modern. The country is less expensive than other European counterparts, therefore it is a great value for money.

It also has a lot to offer: from the Castle of Neuschwanstein ( an inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle) in the Bavarian Alps to quaint villages and the Black Forest. it is beautifully varied and it has many national parks.

Neuschwanstein, Germany
Neuschwanstein, Germany

The Federal Republic comprises 16 states and each state has different food and drink specialties.

Germany has a great infrastructure.

All the major German cities have buses, trams, U-Bahns and S-Bahns and the whole country is well connected. It is also the country of the Autobahn with almost 15,000 kilometers of free highway, but also its rail network is very well developed.

Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

Germans enjoy some six to eight weeks of paid vacation and free healthcare and education. That is unimaginable for most other countries.

German beers are the best.

Germany is famous for its Christmas Markets.

They are everywhere during Christmas time.

The only bad news about this country is that German is a very difficult language. Mark Twain once said: ‘When German dives into a sentence, you won’t see him again until he emerges at the other end with the verb between his teeth.’ Fortunately enough, almost everybody understands English.

Frankfurt, Gerrmany
Frankfurt, Germany

Germany is a very safe destination and place to live. It is an ideal starting point for seeing a lot of Europe.


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