Cara Sucia, which is Spanish for Dirty Face, is located in the region of Ahuachapán. Cara Sucia Is approximately 57 miles west of San Salvador.

My wife Elizabeth and I live in a small village near Cara Sucia, we retired here in 2011.

Cara Sucia is a small but very busy little town, the town is located near the Guatemalan border. There is a lot of traffic and goods going into and going out of El Salvador through this town.

Cara Sucia is two and a half hours from the international airport, about an hour from the city of Sonsonate and about an hour from Ahuachapán and the Route of the Flowers (a beautiful drive through the mountains and small historic villages and towns).
We are also within a two-hour drive of some of the best beaches in El Salvador. There is a beach area about twenty minutes from our home, but if we want a nice resort we must go a little further.

People of this small town are mostly employed in the local businesses such as the banks, pharmacies, hardware and grocery stores.

People that live in the rural areas are mostly farmers or day laborers. There are some that have small stores and food stands. A lot of the people living near the beach are fishermen. The fishermen go out to sea in the early morning, return and sell their catch to the markets and restaurants.

Cara Sucia has a lot of history, it is a Mesoamerican archaeological site. This archaeological site is one of the most important archaeological sites in El Salvador.

Anyone visiting El Salvador, that wants to experience what the normal everyday life of the average Salvadorian is like, should visit Cara Sucia.

Elizabeth and I enjoy living in Cara Sucia. The local stores supply most of our daily needs.   While we are close to the beach and the larger cities, We still live in a rural, quiet area. We have a very good life here in Cara Sucia. The people are very friendly, the climate is very warm (hot) but I like it better than the cold.


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Hello, (Hola,) My name is Hugh, I am 68 years old and have spent a great part of my life traveling the world. I spent 14 years in the United States Army which gave me the opportunity to visit and live in many countries. I have worked most of my life in logistics and fleet management. I retired in October of 2011. My wife, Elizabeth is from El Salvador, we retired and moved here in November of 2011. We built our home and live near Cara Sucia. I came for my first visit to El Salvador in March of 2004 and fell in love with the country right away. Elizabeth and I would visit the country 2-3 times a year and I would always feel peaceful, calm and revitalized from the visit. I love what the country has to offer, the wonderful people, the beaches, the mountains, the beautiful sites and the history to name a few. I retired in October and we relocated here in El Salvador in November of 2011 to start our new life. I think that this is a beautiful country and a wonderful people with a lot of potential and opportunity that is overlooked by many people. Our Blog discusses the life, sites, issues and opportunity in El Salvador as we see them. I hope you will join us on the journey of our life in El Salvador.


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