Hello, allow me to introduce to you myself, my name is derived from the first book of the bible.


I am Genesis, from the Philippines and currently working and living here in the wonderful country of Saudi Arabia – the holiest land of Islam.

How did I end up here in Saudi Arabia?

My decision to work here in the kingdom was based upon on the fact that searching for a better job opportunity in the Philippines is quite hard and difficult especially for a fresh graduate like me. I have graduated a degree in Bachelor of Science in Communication Management last 2012.

Straight after earning my degree in the Philippines, i have tried to find local jobs – searching day and night. Yet finding a job there proved to be elusive for a fresh graduate and inexperienced person, despite having almost excellent grades in college and graduated with flying colors.

I was desperate to find a job to help support my parents and my siblings; until I thought of applying for a job in Saudi Arabia.

During the job interview, I have easily impressed the employer, being a graduate of Communication Management; thus English language is almost my primary language and writing is my pastime. I was hired on that day, but I was not totally happy, perhaps applying for a job abroad was my last resort to help my family.

Speaking of family, I have four siblings – one elder brother and three younger sisters. I grew up with a very simple family, my parents are among the typical Filipinos who have not finished education. My father works in a construction and my mother is a housewife.


I remember it was June 13, 2012, the day before my birthday, I flew to Saudi Arabia full of hope and uncertainties. I arrived in Saudi Arabia on my birthday as if it was a birthday gift from God.

The day I came in Saudi Arabia, I was completely amazed at the differences between my country and KSA.

Saudi Arabia is vast and mostly desert land, it was my first time to see a desert place. I was awed and surprised that the entire place is covered with fine grain brown sand. I was fascinated with their huge houses and peculiar buildings. I felt in love of the country due to its peacefulness and tranquility,

Saudi Arabia is quiet and serene very different from the country where I came from.

What about the culture and the people?

Honestly, I truly respect and love the culture of the “Saudis” and they are indeed very conservative people. I was deeply impressed by their culture, men and women are dressing modestly in public places. Men are wearing long white “thobe” and all women including expatriates are wearing “abaya” when in public places.

Just like everywhere in the world, Saudis are friendly, accommodating and generous people.

My Saudi workmates and colleagues in the office are very supportive, they are helpful and easy to get along with. My first job in Saudi Arabia was from a contracting company where I was supplied in a massive company, my salary was very low that time; then I joined a huge international IT company which had multiplied my salary ten times higher.

Currently, I am working in my dream company, the biggest and largest oil company in the world.

Saudi Aramco building in Dhahran
Saudi Aramco building in Dhahran

The company that provides the majority of the wealth and revenue of the Kingdom. Being in this company is a dream come true, I have never expected in my life that i would be able to work here.

My work here in Saudi Arabia greatly helped me a lot provide the needs of my family back home. I have recently finished a six bedrooms house for my beloved parents and siblings in the Philippines.

I am among the ten million expat workers in this land I called my second home – Saudi Arabia. I country that I will always be grateful for opening their doors, a country that I will always love – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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