Felice and the Aeolian Islands
Felice and the Aeolian Islands

Hi, I am Felice and I love the Philippines!

I was born in Lipari by Italian parents and I lived most of my life between Lipari, Leni (Island of Salina) and Rome. In the capital, I was in two different periods: between 1963 and 1965 and then after graduation between 1970 and 1978.

Even though Rome is a wonderful place I could not bear the life of a big city. After a few years, an inner thrust led me to leave Rome and spend my life in Leni, a little village on Island of Salina, Sicily.

In Rome, Italy
In Rome, Italy

I got married in 1978 but after 16 years I divorced. From this marriage, I had 2 sons Giuseppe and Andrea. A few years after divorcing, I moved for work to the mainland and there I had two relationships that lasted 8 and 2 years respectively.

When I finally retired from work, I was tired and I had a lack of interest and motivation. I could not see myself and my life in Italy and I had no vision of my future. Then, finally, I turned my life around. One day, talking to my friend Giuseppe, he suggested a new way away. He saw me depressed and gave me the input that I needed to reset and restart my life.

One of the amazing beaches of the Philippines
One of the amazing beaches of the Philippines

“Go and find a new life elsewhere”, he told me, “Go to the Philippines!”.

He told me that Filipino people were friendly and smiling and that he himself would have done the same if it was not that, being far younger than me, he still had to work for many more years before retiring.

I left on August 23, 2013.

After landing in Manila, I moved to Cebu City where I spent 10 days. I did not like much because it was a very big city with horrendous traffic conditions and pollution.

After a phone call with my friend Giuseppe, I took the best decision of my life.

Giuseppe suggested me to move away from stressful big cities and go Malapascua Island, at the north tip of the Island of Cebu. That was a real blessing form me.

In fact, one evening, while I was having dinner, I met Rosemarie. My heart started to really beat fast and I knew she was special. From that moment, we fell in love and never separated.

We started our life together there until Yolanda landed on Malapascua on November 9, 2013. The Island was “leveled” by the typhoon (also known as Haiyan). Never had I experienced such immensity of Mother Nature’s fury.

No one was fully prepared for the ferocity of the storm. It was the most incredible experience of my life and on that day I really felt that I might die.

I met some great people on Malapascua and I will never forget how we all became one single family caring for each other until a few days later, relief finally started to reach the Island.

After Yolanda, Rosemarie and I moved to Dumaguete, a beautiful city and capital of the province of Negros Oriental, nicknamed “The City of Gentle People”.

Here in Dumaguete, I found my home and later this year, we will get married (December 18, 2017).

My life in the Philippines runs smoothly together with Rosemarie. I love her dearly and deeply and we are thinking of having children together.

Despite I miss my sons and the incredible Italian food, my life is in the Philippines, forever. It is here, far away from the place I had lived before, that I have found myself and my happiness again.

One evening in Dumaguete...
One evening in Dumaguete…
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After retiring from work, Felice was tired and lacked interest and motivation. He could not see himself and his life in Italy and he had no vision of his future. Then, I turned around his life. One day, talking to his friend Giuseppe, he found his new way away. He took a one-way ticket to the Philippines.


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