Florence City Center - Italian Lifestyle
Florence City Center – Italian Lifestyle

Italy enjoys one of the best quality of life and lifestyle in the world, despite all their problems.

Mmoving to a different country with a different culture is a challenging and difficult time because of language learning difficulties that especially in Italy is essential, since very few are able to speak foreign languages, plus you will have to change all your habits somehow, too.

Despite globalization, Italy keeps its peculiarities. In fact, shopping in street markets for groceries is very common, especially for fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, it remains common to go shopping through several different shops to buy food and other items while elsewhere people tend to go to shopping malls.

Way of shopping. Market at Campo dei Fiori, Rome
Way of shopping. Market at Campo dei Fiori, Rome

Eating is very informal and still people do not need real invitation to sit together and share food.
Italians do drink but it is quite different from what people in other countries do. In fact they never do that much compared to other cultures where drinking and getting drunk is the same as having fun. Furthermore, Italians tend to drink during their meals and never empty stomach.

Italian coffee and cappuccino
Italian coffee and cappuccino

When you think of Italy the first thing your mind comes up with is their small coffee that they drink standing up at the bar in less than a minute. Elsewhere in the world drinking coffee means to spend the afternoon on a table get endless refills.

They tend to dress up to go to church but even to go to the corner shop and get a loaf of bread. Sometimes, even at home they wear formal and obviouslly they wear shoes.

Italians talk a lot with their hand. They use some 250 gestures to express themselves and one thing is for sure, by living in Italy, in the end, you are certain to gesticulate yourself.

Another characteristic of Italians is that they touch you all the time. When they meet friends they kiss each other on their cheeks and hug each other. They might even do that with people they do not know or they meet for the first time after introductions by other friends. So do reciprocate, but with moderation to avoid misunderstanding.

Best quality of life in Italy. Talking on the street.
Talking on the street in Italy

Often people tend to speak very loud and on top of one another, but they are not quarrelling. Their high pitch is just a way to get the attention and be sure that they are listening to what you are saying.

People from small Italian towns, often without having been anywhere else before, will tell you that their place is the best in the whole world. In fact, it is somehow true that even in small villages, Italians enjoy one of the best quality of life.

Opposite, in most other places in the world, people almost shame to say that they come from a small town and they will take pride in the nearest big city to identify their place of origin.

Nowadays people often think that wealth and happiness are the same thing. Obviously money is not evil but it is how much importance we tend to give to it that really counts.

For Italian, the most important things are family, friends, and food rather than money. You are rich when you appreciate what you have and when you can share what you have with the people you love.

Italian Antipasti Caprese
Italian Antipasti Caprese

Despite the country’s economic problems, Italians do enjoy one of the best lifestyles and quality of life in the world. And despite the centuries, the foundation of the Italian society remains the family, and especially the mother.

Italians still maintain their relaxed way of life and they try to live their lives in a simple way. In Italy, violent crimes are not common at all, though foreigners in their minds still connect Italians to the mafia. Instead, most people are gentle and lways ready to help and talk to you.

Italians enjoy best quality of life and lifestyle in the world. Here, a spectacular view from Taormina (Sicily)
Spectacular view from Taormina (Sicily)

Foreigners and Italians alike complain a lot about bureaucracy and government corruption and incompetence, but the vast majority of them would never like to live in any other places in the world. Italy is a great place to live to live and enjoy your life.


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