Flag of Kuwait

If the purpose of a trip tp Kuwait is that of travel or visit then most citizens of Western countries and GCC residents are allowed to enter the country thru the use the e-Visa system.

Work visa in Kuwait

Kuwait’s immigration system, like most other countries in the Middle East, is based on sponsorship. Visitors need to be sponsored by a Kuwaiti national or company.

Airport Security Police

Residence visa in Kuwait

Working in Kuwait requires a work permit and a residency visa. Applicants who wish to live and work in Kuwait have to obtain a residency visa. The Kuwaiti employer has to apply for the residency visa on behalf of the foreign employee.

Kuwait Civil ID

An official medical report issued by a licensed clinic is necessary in order to obtain a residency visa. Within 30 days of the residency visa, applicants need to apply for a  Kuwaiti Civil ID.

Family visa

After obtaining a residency visa, a male worker can then become a sponsor for his wife and children to live with him while he is working in Kuwait, providing a certain salary at his disposal.

Work visa for family members

If some family members wish to work in Kuwait, they need a separate work visa with a Kuwaiti sponsor.

Visa and work permit requirements are subject to change. Complete information can be found on the Official Website of the Government of Kuwait.


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