Spanish lifestyle and high quality of life. Nightlife Bar in Spain
Nightlife Bar in Spain


here are a lot of reasons why many people think Spain has a high quality of life. People think that Spain is one of the best places in the world to live and indeed many come to this country to spend their lives, especially after retiring.

Spain enjoys one of the best quality of life and lifestyle in the world.

  • Spectacular weather for most of the year.
  • Tasty Mediterranean food.
Falafel Tapas Spain
Falafel Tapas Spain
  • Spain has an incredibly beautiful landscape with beaches, mountains and countyside.
  • Life In Spain is mainly outside. That means that people spend more time outside than at home. Obviously the climate plays its role but it is more in their character to spend a lot of time to socialize in bars or restaurants. In fact, even in the North of the country where the weather is not so perfect people do go out no matter what. Even during workdays Spanish streets are always full of people going from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant, spending their night out.
  • The Spanish Language is the second most spoken language in the world. But Spanish is also the second most studied language after English and it is widely spoken around the world.
  • Spaniards are nice, friendly and welcoming people with sense of humor. The Spanish stereotype is that of a lazy person that avoid working if possible but that is not at all true.

    Segovia, Spain
    Segovia, Spain
  • Working hours in Spain are from 10am until 8pm with lunch in-between. That is why many people only go to bed very late.
  • In Spain it is just normal to drink alcohol in the middle of the day, though no one does it just for getting drunk.
  • Residents of Spain are covered by national health insurance and that gives them a sense of sicurity.
  • People are friendly and they greet each other, even if they do not know.
  • Like in most Southern Europe countries, in Spain family is very important and it’s not uncommon for three generations to live in the same home.

Spanish people enjoy a high quality of life and great lifestyle.

Spaniards are relaxed. They take their own time for everything and enjoy all to the full.

Moving to Spain means that you can finally change your stressful lifestyle and join the Spanish people. Their slow pace will improve the quality of your life. More time for yourself and more time with your loved ones.

Football in Spain
Football in Spain


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