Lucie in Thessaloniki
Lucie in Thessaloniki

My name is Lucie, I am 27 years old and I come from the Czech Republic.

Last year (2016) I finished my masters in Mediterranean studies and Comparative literature. During my studies, I participated in two summer courses of the Greek language, first in Athens in Greece (7 weeks) and then in Nicosia in Cyprus (4 weeks). That was actually the first time when I was alone in a foreign country for more than one month. 

I didn’t travel much before, I just went abroad for holidays with my parents and that was all. In 2013, after finishing my bachelor studies, I decided to try to work as a hotel entertainer during the summer season. Because of my studies, I was able to go abroad just for three months so it was a bit complicated to find a job for such a “short” time. Fortunately, one agency offered me a job in Greece which was actually my preferable destination, especially because I was hoping to improve my Greek language skills. At the end, I spent three months in Kós island.

1st animation season
1st animation season

My first season in hotel entertainment taught me a lot and it was an amazing experience. And that’s how actually everything has started in summer 2013. Since that time I started to travel much more and now it’s my passion!

Before my second season in animation in Peloponnese in 2014, I applied for the Erasmus exchange programme at my university. In January 2015 I went to study to the second biggest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. I spent one semester there writing my thesis, studying, traveling and partying. I also started to write my blog that time because I wanted to share all of my adventures with my friends. My blog is called “Lucie’s world” now and I share there my experience from animation seasons and other travels. This year I also made a facebook page on my blog where I share more photos.


When the semester in Thessaloniki was over, to avoid the after-Erasmus depression I stayed in Greece, in Corfu island, for my third animation season.

Last year, after finishing my studies, I changed the destination country for Spain and I spent four months in Mallorca.

That was the first season when I was working completely alone in the hotel entertainment. At the beginning I was scared but it turned out that it’s not bad at all.

During four seasons in entertainment, I realized that I just want to do it again. Working in hotel entertainment gives you an opportunity to live in foreign country, actually for free (there is free accommodation provided), to have good salary that you can save much money from, to meet many people from all around the world, to learn how to talk to people, how to cooperate with them, to try typical dishes of the country for free (there is full board in the hotel restaurant) and much more. Of course, it’s not an easy job, it’s quite hard but it’s definitely worth trying.

in minidisco costume
In mini-disco costume

I personally love animation. You just never know what to expect. Every hotel has a different animation, different guests, different working hours and different possibilities. It also depends on your colleagues, it’s necessary to get on well with them in order to be able to provide a good job.

This year I could finally spend the whole season abroad. I was in Spain again, in Menorca and that’s where I would like to go back even in summer season 2018. It was probably my best animation season.

Before that, in January 2018, I’m going to fly to Granada where I want to find some job and live there till the new season starts.

I am still not sure where I would like to live in the future, but I know that it probably won’t be in the cold Czech Republic.


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