The lifestyle of individuals from different countries around the world.

Their attitudes and way of life, their values and point of views. We try to understand how people in different countries live their lives. And also how they try to be happy with their lives and what is important to them.

Italian Piazza

Italian Lifestyle

Italians enjoy one of the best quality of life in the world. Despite all economic problems, Italy is a great place to live your life.
Fuerteventura, Spain

Spanish Lifestyle

There are many reasons why many people think Spain is one of the best places to live. Spain enjoys a high quality of life and a great lifestyle.
Uluru, Australia

Some Useful Information on Your Move to Australia

Some useful information about Australia is found in this small article. Australia is a land of great opportunities and has a growing and sound economy.
Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tukapo, New Zealand

Way of Life and Information about New Zealand

New Zealanders way of life is unique in the world. The country has great opportunities and plenty of free time plus an immense and unpolluted land.

American Lifestyle

In the United States of America, you can have your own way of life. American lifestyle means that you are not judged by other people. You live as you like.





Nerissa, a Filipino Expat in Italy

I am a Filipino living in Italy. I was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to Sicily (Italy) after getting married in Manila. This is my life.
Italian Piazza

Italian Lifestyle