Bulgarian landscape

Why Buy a House in Bulgaria. Go to the Med, turn right.

There is a surplus of property on the market in Bulgaria, especially in the rural areas. And that has to be very good news if you want to buy a cheap house in the country. The population of Bulgaria is relatively small for the total land area and in fact, it has gone down in recent years, mainly due to young people leaving for America and for other parts of Europe, especially England and Germany.
At our annual school concert wearing the national dress (the kira)

Megan, a South African educator in Bhutan

Bhutan is nestled in the Himalaya, between India and Tibet, and has a population of fewer than 800,000 people. It is well known for the concept of Gross National Happiness that permeates everything they do; it is even included in their school curriculum. Basically, Bhutan is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. The Bhutanese are some of the kindest, most accepting and giving people in the world. They have so little but they share whatever they have.
Eltz Castle, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

A Guide for Visiting German Castles

Germany should be considered the capital of castles in the world. It simply has 20,000 of them! The list of castles includes forts, palaces, and manor houses. Some are still intact and others are just ruins. Some are livable or turned into hotels, hostels, restaurants, etc.

Conceived in Ethiopia and Born in Chile

The story of Elisa in her first nine months of life before life. Her mother Chilean, her father American, Elisa was conceived in Ethiopia. After 9 adventurous months in Ethiopia and Liberia, she finally arrived on December 15 in Santiago, Chile. The moving story of a baby thru the eyes and heart of her father.

Top 10 Things I Love About Chile

Less densely populated. With a population of 17.6 million, 1/2 of which is in Santiago, the rest of the country is pretty empty. No traffic jams, except at milking time when the cows cross the road–and no road rage. The small town atmosphere where everybody knows everybody. Life is centered around the town plaza where people hang out to socialize. It’s reminiscent of the USA in the 1950’s.
Together in Shenzhen

Doha and Shenzhen: A Tale of Two Cities 

In many ways, Doha is not so different from Shenzhen because it is a modern city. Like Shenzhen, most of Doha did not exist thirty or forty years ago. Yes, it has loads of skyscrapers and impressive modern buildings, just like SZ, and there are even some parks. Both cities are near the sea. But that is where the similarities end. Doha was built by Nepalis, Indians, Filipinos, anyone that the Qataris could get to do the work. Shenzhen, on the other hand, was built by the Chinese. Okay, they had hired some foreign architects perhaps, but all of the real work was done by Chinese workers.
Family day out Beaune France 2002

A Question of Language (and Why You Should Avoid Expats)

For those who wish to actually live abroad, which I would take to mean spending a year or more there and, more importantly, immersing yourself in the life, then this apparent convenience can quickly become a trap that you may struggle to escape from. This is because of the insularity of the expat community, and it is the same no matter where you are. There are people who have lived abroad for ten years or more and their ability to have an intelligent conversation with a local is approximately zero. They are not assimilated into the local culture and people do not talk to them in the street; they remain apart.
Chapala Lake, Mexico

What makes Lake Chapala in Mexico so special…

Ajijic and the Lake Chapala have been a retirement destination for nearly 100 years due to the perfect climate, high quality of life and good health care.. There are over 80 organized clubs and groups to keep you active and young. Every ethnicity in the world is represented in this small Mexican village. Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Argentinian, Indian and so much more.

Greetings from the Roads of North America

Evan & Katie are a traveling couple based out of Portland, Oregon. They are currently following their philosophy of doing life a little differently by living full-time in their self-converted Sprinter van. Their 62-foot residence can be spotted around North America, always in a new location and on the hunt for the best craft brewery.
Sara in Greece

I’m Sara. I’m Italian. I’m from Rome.

When we meet someone from a different region (there are 20 different regions in Italy), we feel like we’ve met a foreigner: sometimes we don’t even understand each other. We use different words, we have different lifestyles, different accents, different attitudes and so on, even from town to town in the same region everyone is so proud to show where he/she belongs.
Chinese Breakfast of Champions

Chinese Street Foods

China is well known for offering a vast variety of different foods. The very concept of “Chinese cuisine” is hard define because the country is so big and the dishes vary so much from place to place. One passion that does unite the country, however, is a love for street food. One of the greatest things about street food is that it is impossibly cheap, as you can often get a full meal for less than a euro.
El Salvador

Cara Sucia: Life in a small Salvadoran Town

Cara Sucia, which is Spanish for Dirty Face, is located in the region of Ahuachapán. Cara Sucia Is approximately 57 miles west of San Salvador. Anyone visiting El Salvador, that wants to experience what the normal everyday life of the average Salvadorian is like, should visit Cara Sucia.





Nerissa, a Filipino Expat in Italy

I am a Filipino living in Italy. I was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to Sicily (Italy) after getting married in Manila. This is my life.
Italian Piazza

Italian Lifestyle