Bulgarian landscape

Why Buy a House in Bulgaria. Go to the Med, turn right.

There is a surplus of property on the market in Bulgaria, especially in the rural areas. And that has to be very good news if you want to buy a cheap house in the country. The population of Bulgaria is relatively small for the total land area and in fact, it has gone down in recent years, mainly due to young people leaving for America and for other parts of Europe, especially England and Germany.
Eltz Castle, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

A Guide for Visiting German Castles

Germany should be considered the capital of castles in the world. It simply has 20,000 of them! The list of castles includes forts, palaces, and manor houses. Some are still intact and others are just ruins. Some are livable or turned into hotels, hostels, restaurants, etc.
Family day out Beaune France 2002

A Question of Language (and Why You Should Avoid Expats)

For those who wish to actually live abroad, which I would take to mean spending a year or more there and, more importantly, immersing yourself in the life, then this apparent convenience can quickly become a trap that you may struggle to escape from. This is because of the insularity of the expat community, and it is the same no matter where you are. There are people who have lived abroad for ten years or more and their ability to have an intelligent conversation with a local is approximately zero. They are not assimilated into the local culture and people do not talk to them in the street; they remain apart.
Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

Life as it is in Düsseldorf: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

There are many things to say about what makes life great in Düsseldorf, Germany. Regardless of what day of the week it is, there is always something going on in the city, whether it’s a concert, a dinner party or a craft show.
Sara in Greece

I’m Sara. I’m Italian. I’m from Rome.

When we meet someone from a different region (there are 20 different regions in Italy), we feel like we’ve met a foreigner: sometimes we don’t even understand each other. We use different words, we have different lifestyles, different accents, different attitudes and so on, even from town to town in the same region everyone is so proud to show where he/she belongs.

I have a Dream… I Want to Live Abroad!

Sara did not get the chance to start a new life abroad yet, but that’s the plan. Not because she needs to escape from her country, but because she doesn’t want to miss anything about the Beauty this world can offer. Sara wants to live abroad!





Nerissa, a Filipino Expat in Italy

I am a Filipino living in Italy. I was born and raised in the Philippines before moving to Sicily (Italy) after getting married in Manila. This is my life.
Italian Piazza

Italian Lifestyle