Flag of Saudi Arabia

Citizens of all countries require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia except the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council members, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and United Arab Emirates. As from 5 June 2017  citizens of Qatar  are refused admission.

Visitors holding passports containing any Israeli visa or stamp may be refused entry; Israeli passport holders are refused admission and transit. Saudi Arabia doesn’t recognize dual citizenship; therefore carrying two passports should be avoided.

Hajj special visa

A special visa category exists for pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia on the Hajj. Visa applications should be made at the nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence.

Airport Security Police

Businessmen visa

Businessmen on a short visit should apply for a Business Visa.

Work visa in Saudi Arabia

A Business Visa, however, does not give the right to work or reside in Saudi Arabia. For those applicants need an Employment Visa. The requirements are similar to those for a Business Visa. In addition, it is necessary to produce a letter from a Saudi employer or visa sponsor (if different) certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applicants also need a copy of an employment contract, notarized certificates of academic and/or professional qualifications, official police reports for any criminal records, and an official medical report issued by a licensed clinic.

Residence permit in Saudi Arabia

Foreign workers on long-term assignments need to have their Employment Visa extended to a Residence Permit.

Visa and work permit requirements are subject to change. Complete information can be found on the Official Website of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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