Tony The Traveller was born Anthony Eric Giles in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, south-west England, on September 6, 1978.

Tony Giles is totally blind and 80% deaf in both ears without his hearing aids. He also had a successful kidney transplant in December 2008. Yet he has visited the World’s Seven continents, all fifty states of the USA, crossed the Arctic Circle, traveled every South American country and visited all ten Canadian provinces.

He has written several books about his world adventures. The books are travel diaries of the observations and experiences of a blind man as he travels around the world.

We asked Tony some questions:

How would you describe yourself?

A funny, independent solo world traveler with a kind heart and a sense of humor.

What do you notice first in the other people?

Their mannerisms, the way they talk or don’t talk, and their energy, positive or negative.

What is the hardest part of living abroad or moving all the time?

Things are constantly different and it takes time to adjust, especially the older I get!

How could your day be “perfect”? 

Hiking to waterfalls alone in nature with the sun on my back and a slight wind in the air with a flask of hot tea and a chocolate bar or two!

What aspect of your life do you feel more grateful for?

I feel grateful to have had a kidney transplant and to be alive.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Traveled the world totally blind and severely deaf!

Is there something you dream of doing a lot of times? 

No, not really, maybe pottery on occasions.

Why did you not do it? 

Too busy traveling!

Of all the places you have been to, which one is your favorite and why?

New Zealand is my country because it reminds me of the UK to some extent, especially the weather, but also for the people, they’re so laid back and friendly. They love to do adrenaline activities and so do I

What are the reasons for choosing your next destinations? 

Russia and Greenland will probably be next, Not been to Russia and it will be a big challenge. And Greenland just has to be visited before the ice cap melts!

What are the most interesting or useful things that you learned abroad?

I learned humility, to be more open-minded and to be more excepting of myself.

What do you miss most about your home country? 

Walking by the sea when I want, listening to my favorite radio station (5live), especially for the sport, and English sausages!

Where would you like to live if I could choose any place in the world?

New Zealand, probably South Island, maybe Nelson or somewhere else on the coast

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still traveling!

Watch the BBC Travel Show documentary featuring Tony Giles in Jerusalem (December 12, 2017)


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